Please help the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce make Maspeth a B.I.D.
Making Maspeth a B.I.D. would greatly improve the quality
of life in the community of Maspeth and help the community
have easier access to services that support, improve, beautify
and enhance the streets, parks and public areas of Maspeth.

- What is a BID? -

A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area within which businesses pay an additional tax or fee in order to fund improvements within the district's boundaries. Grant funds acquired by the city for special programs and/or incentives such as tax abatements can be made available to assist businesses or to recruit new business. BIDs may go by other names, such as business improvement area (BIA), business revitalization zone (BRZ), community improvement district (CID), special services area (SSA), or special improvement district (SID). BIDs provide services, such as cleaning streets, providing security, making capital improvements, construction of pedestrian and streetscape enhancements, and marketing the area. The services provided by BIDs are supplemental to those already provided by the municipality.
- wikipedia.
Helpful BID Resources
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*Provided by NYC Department of Small Business Services.